Rangeley Lakes Camp House
The Rangeley Lakes Heritage Trust manages a 125 acre campground located on the banks of Cupsuptic Lake in Maine, about a 3 hour drive from Portland. We designed a new bath house facility which provides shower, laundry, and food preparation spaces for the campers. The angled shape of the building responds to the existing site context and allows for minimal disruption to the existing greenery and landscape. A ramp, walkway and staircase slices through the middle of the building providing an enclosed public space and connecting two areas of the camp site. A large portico on the south end of the building creates a covered dining area for campers. The roof is composed of clear and metal corrugated panels in a checkerboard pattern and holds solar panels that provide hot water to the facility.

CREDITS Davies Tang and Toews Architecture designed in collaboration with the PARC Foundation. Photographs by Davies Tang and Toews Architecture.